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Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Entities

Pender & Coward attorneys are experienced in assisting non-profit and tax exempt entities with organizational and operational matters. Our attorneys assist tax-exempt organizations with applications for tax-exempt status and in maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We also advise non-profit entities and individual clients seeking private and public funding through contributions.

Forming entities so that civic minded efforts make our community a better place. Our attorneys work with a wide range of non-profit and tax-exempt clients, including civic, religious, scientific, literary and educational groups. We assist businesses with charitable components and offer advice regarding planning opportunities. We regularly assist clients with incorporation and establishment of new non-profit and tax-exempt status. We also advise private individuals and families in forming family foundations.

Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to support our clients philanthropic and civic-minded efforts to make our community and world a better place and improve the lives of others.